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The modest beginnings

“At 14 year old age, I entered as  an  apprentice  in  a  silversmith  workshop  in  Padua. There  I  learned  the  secrets  of this  ancient  trade,  realizing that  this  would  be  the  course and career of my life.   After the war, with 21 liras from the sale of my bicycle, I purchased 1 kg of silver.  Hence, the company “Rino Greggio” was founded in 1948,  and  together  with  2 employees,  we  worked  insatiably. 

Lots  of  time  has  passed since my small 4 x 4 workshop which  has  today  become  an important  reference  for  the world of Silver.”

Rino Greggio



Dynamic growth

In 1967 a new line  of product was developed in order to reach any kind of customers, Greggio started the creation of fine silverplated objects.

Rino Greggio certainly had a stroke of genius when he thought that in reproducing silver in a more economic version was a way of bringing the public nearer to the world of silver.

It was so that in 1968, with all the experience and many years of competence in the production of silver that Rino Greggio founded the brand ‘Olri’, today called Greggio Silverplate, leader in the production and distribution of thickly plated silver articles for the home, table and other furnishings.
In particular, articles for the table have professional traits and are therefore extremely functional, adapted to frequent use having been treated to last.


From this data the medium size of the Company was transformed into one of the Europe’s largest manufacturer of silver cutlery and silverware.

The range of patterns designed by expert designers has achieved international recognition. The company strategy developed by Rino Greggio in that period is still as ever basis for the further expansion of its global sales territory.

In 1974 Greggio strarts iys first experience in exhibition segment with Macef show in Milan.


The fusion between the handicrafts and the industrial process is emphasized by the fact that Greggio developed its own research and development centre with the purposes to choose and analyse new materials to be combined with silver, new types of craftsmanship which make silver easier to use and to handle, and to study innovative lines in order to satisfy the needs of a demanding, young and modern consumer.


The decade of 90s was a period of great growth for Greggio Group because of three important facts that will revolutionize the entire company.
In 1990 Greggio comes with its own Corner in Harrods, the popular department store recognized worldwide as the excellence of luxury.

In 1994 Rino Greggio founded the Academy of Silver, with the aim of preserving but also developing the history, traditions and philosophy of  the “silver life style".


In 1995 the historical brands Cesa1882 and Ricci Argentieri become part of the Greggio family, which developed the precious production and implemented a selected distribution through only exclusive dealers.



Greggio family established the company as a pure Made in Italy production

Greggio owes its consolidation in the global marketplace to its collaboration with many international designers during the early years of the twenty-first century and the total maintenance of production facilities in Italy.

In 2004, Greggio creates Dogale, with which he understood the need of continually reinventing the use pf the noble metal through the combination of two different materials: hand-decorated glass and subsequent silver plating.

Each piece is different, unique and unrepeatable due to a production process that is absolute craftsmanship.

New Millennium

In 2010, the well-known Florentine brand Masini Firenze has been incorporated in Greggio Group in order to diversify the offer.
Masini offers a number of silver objects that preserve a high degree of exclusive craftsmanship for collectors. The brand is also known for the incomparable assortment "Grand Gourmet".

Tradition and quality are therefore always fundamental pillars in Greggio, and from this union in 2013 Royal Collection born as an exclusive line with a particular attention for details.