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Limited Edition

Cellini - Limited Edition

This special Champagne Bucket, limited edition with a selective number of 12 copies, pays a tribute to Benvenuto Cellini, a key figure of Italian Renaissance born in Florence in 1500: a great artist, a chiseler, goldsmith, silversmith and sculptor.

“Saliera” B. Cellini, 1540, Gold

GoldKunthistorisches Museum Vienna -Austria

The sophisticated elegance of Cellini collection recreates, as it were spell, the precious technique of the Goldsmith, the plastic strength of sculptors and the classical taste of the painter.

Noble and precious objects of art which recall sumptuously table and the splendour of ancient times. Cellini silverware holds the love of those who, inspired by the past, respect and elevate the accurate and prestigious work of the craftsmen.


The expertise of master silversmiths is embodied into precious handmade chiseling and engraving of refined floral patterns that make the product a unique piece for collectors.

The result of meticulous craftsmanship and precisely handmade, the Cellini champagne bucket is embellished by renaissance decorations, with shells and flowers, leaves and baroque embroidery.

A true work of art finished with great attention to details, where our master silversmiths achieve results that are still impossible for machines, thanks to the processes which over the years have remained manuals.