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Fascination of family silver

Ricci Argentieri is a brand founded in Alessandria in 1927, stemming from the highly noble silversmith’s school of Piedmont. Ricci Argentieri was the craftsman of one of the first experiments to create an alternative to manually manufacturing silver piece by piece. 

The first series of articles were actually made using moulds worked manually by expert engravers. Furthermore, the plant of Alessandria was the first to adopt an integral cycle of workmanship, from the fusion of raw materials and from rolling silver plate to the creation of finished articles.

Articles carrying the brand name Ricci which entered the Greggio Group in 1995, have maintained their original characteristics over time: purity of lines and volume, harmonious designs and refined details.

The style of Ricci silverware remains faithful to the antique style, not so much by passively imitating the old style but by interpreting it creatively and by maintaining the balance between classic proportions and the desire to become modern.