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CESA 1882,

CESA 1882 has right in the brand name its most revealing indication: the year of foundation, that is the year 1882, in Alessandria.

A prestigious and more than a hundred years old history, crossing as much as three centuries. A biography abounding in success, acknowledgements like no other brand. CESA 1882 has a much wider scope, that of History with capital H, because it has never pursued passing crazes.

Beauty and quality have always been CESA 1882's great passion, ever since the beginning.
Classical passion, the heritage of Greek and Roman civilizations which have always nourished the cultural and artistic traditions of the Western World.

It is in 1882, in Alessandria, that the story of Cesa begins, indeed the story of the silversmith sector’s most influential brand in Italy. An intriguing, three century-long story made of art, beauty, style, good taste, quality, tradition, innovation and success.

A clear head, entrepreneurial skills, creativeness all come together and, in 1898, the renowned Cesa 1882 cutlery production takes shape, outlining some distinctive features of the Company’s silverware production, that is: precious metal, made even more precious thanks to the additional value of art, and to a meticulous attention to details.

Today, just like in former times, a piece of cutlery produced by CESA 1882 requires as much as 38 production steps.

It is then in 1920 that, at the end of First World War, when the pleasures of good life and the beautiful things life has in store can be rediscovered, that Cesa 1882 purveys the Royal House of Savoy with a flower-decorated Rouban style service, by which the brand name is further acknowledged its increasing prestige. 

The classical spirit and as well the history of art, fully understood and revisited with a very rare, sensible taste.
Refinement, character and elegance in decorative details combine however with a rigorous execution, resulting in collections where high quality materials increase the value of a complex production process made of several steps, each undergoing systematic quality controls. The trick of light and shadow , profiles and curves unique ornamental motifs, edge and decorations make the articles of CESA 1882 of incomparable splendour.

The product catalogue contains precious collections of ever high quality and refined stylistic research where even small details take on a strategic importance.