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Maria Teresa Rossi - SPILLA ABBRACIO

We are looking for talent and passion,
planning and perseverance

We give shape to ideas of designers thanks to the know-how of our skilled craftsmen and of the experience gained from 1948.

We tell about products that tell a story about passion, commitment, responsibility, quality, territory and beauty.

This is a special area dedicated to you, dear Designer, dear creative and dear lover of "the art of home decor".
Think for a moment about what you've never seen in the world of silverware, and what you would have seen created by a specialist.
It could be a special product, with certain aesthetic or functional design. It could also be an idea, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.
Once you have prepared a draft of your new and unusual project, simply upload it below and if Greggio Team will find it interesting, you will be contacted directly to expose the whole project and start a collaboration.

Your every suggestion will be taken into account by Greggio, who will take them on.

Come and Join us in Greggio Silver Accademy

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